Hey there! We want to keep it real with you. When your flowers arrive, they might not be in their full glam mode – totally normal! 🌻 

But don't sweat it. Just flip to the "Flower Care instructions" tab on this page or check out the instructions in the box we sent your way. Give those beauties a little hydration, and watch the magic happen.

We recommend that you schedule delivery of the flowers 2-3 days before your event to allow time for the flowers to open and design time.

Now, about the colors – nature's got a mind of its own. So, the exact hue might be a smidge different from what you saw in the photos displayed. Blame it on the natural vibes and our screens not being twins.

Sometimes, Mother Nature throws us a curveball, and we might need to make a quick substitution if your flower variety isn't playing nice due to farm shenanigans or weather tantrums. We'll do our best to give you a heads up, but sometimes, time's not on our side. Rest assured, any swap will be in the same color zone and at least as awesome as what you ordered. 🌸✌️🌈

First things first, free those flowers by cutting the straps. But hold up – don't ditch the rubber bands that hold the stems together.

Time to unveil those flower heads! Peel off the sleeves and any netting and gently remove the outer guard petals from any roses.

Now, grab a container and fill it up with about 4-6 inches of fresh, room-temperature water.

Grab that handy-dandy flower food packet included in your box and mix it into the water. It's like a secret potion that keeps your flowers looking fresh and happy.

Get your scissors or a sharp knife, and slice those stems at a diagonal angle under running water. Go for about an inch from the bottom edge of the stem.

Remove the rubber bands holding the stems together and clean up the stems to your preferred condition. Place those snipped stems into the waiting water and watch the magic unfold. Toss any leaves that decide to take a swim below the waterline – it'll help those blooms stay perky.

To extend the life of your flowers, change the water every couple of days to keep those flowers kicking. Keep 'em cool, but not too cold, away from blazing sunlight and pesky drafts.


  • If a flower starts wilting or looking a bit limp, don't panic. Cut an inch off the stem and pop it into a warm water and flower food bath for about an hour. It'll perk right up! 🌹💦🌞
  • Give your roses some love by keeping them away from direct sunlight, drafts, and scorching heat.
  • If you want your roses to bloom faster, place them in a warmer area. For a slower bloom, cool things down a bit.

Your flowers, fresh and professionally packaged, are now in the capable hands of FedEx. Here's the lowdown on how they'll make their journey:

We entrust your precious blooms to modern refrigerated cargo planes, and they remain in cold storage throughout their trip. We've got your back and will send you an email with the tracking number(s) as soon as the order ships. Keep tabs on their progress on the FedEx website. We offer deliveries on weekdays, Monday through Friday.

Fast forward to your delivery date! Your flowers are loaded onto the trusty FedEx truck and headed straight to your doorstep. While FedEx doesn't give exact delivery times, they typically arrive between 10 am and 5 pm. The timing might vary based on service availability at your location.

We share your desire for fresh and well-kept flowers. That's why FedEx requires a signature upon delivery. This ensures your blossoms don't get left outside exposed to the elements - be it sweltering heat, frosty cold, relentless sun, rain, or any other unpredictable conditions. To receive your flowers, please make sure someone is there to sign for them at the delivery address.

Got a surprise up your sleeve, or no one's home to sign? No worries! If you prefer a signature-free delivery, just give us a shout at least three days before your scheduled delivery date, and we'll make the request. Alternatively, you can write a signed note indicating that no signature is required and leave it where the FedEx driver can spot it. Keep in mind, though, that either method means the shipper won't be responsible if the packages vanish or get damaged after FedEx leaves them unattended. FedEx doesn't guarantee all such requests will be granted. If you miss the delivery attempt, just ring up FedEx at 800-463-3339, provide your tracking info, and they'll help you reschedule or arrange a pickup.

Now, a quick but crucial note: double-check that delivery address before you hit that order button. Once we've created the tracking number and shipping label, changes aren't a breeze, and we'll have to charge a $20 fee if you need to make any address adjustments. And, if you change the address after the product has already shipped, brace for potential delays as the package might need a reroute.

Safe shipping and happy blooming! 🌼🚚✈️